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Ready to install your PhotoPressPro theme? If you’re not sure, check the “what you need” section on the FAQ page to make sure you have, well, what you need. When you’re ready, continue on and we’ll be done in no time.

Install WordPress

If you already have WordPress installed on your own domain, skip down to the “Install PhotoPressPro” section. If you have a blog at, you cannot install PhotoPressPro on that blog. WordPress must be installed on your own web host.

What do I need again?

Just a few things.

  • Web hosting account
  • domain name
  • FTP program on your computer (maybe)

Web hosting, domain names? Say what?

Don’t worry, we feel your pain. Everyone with a web site has been there before, and we’ll help you get through it.

If you already have a website, you’re probably ready to install WordPress, and you probably don’t need a new domain name.

Your WordPress blog can be installed on a subdirectory of your website, like “blog”, “journal”, or whatever you’d like.  Your web host probably includes 1-click WordPress installations with their hosting. If you can’t find it in your web hosting control panel, contact the support staff.  If they don’t offer a 1 click install, you just need to have FTP access to your website.  Create a new directory for your blog, upload the WordPress files to the new directory.  Check out the famous 5-minute install for step-by-step instructions.

If you don’t have a website, you’ll need to buy a web hosting account and a domain name.

We highly recommend CoolHandle, Bluehost, and Dreamhost, as they offer 1-click WordPress installations, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and excellent support. (Disclosure: Those are affiliate links, and we may receive compensation if you buy anything through them. We only recommend services that we use or have used.)

What’s this FTP business?

FTP is a way to transfer files from your computer to your website.  If your web host installs WordPress for you, you don’t need to do any of this.  But if you have to install it yourself, you’ll need an FTP program for uploading WordPress to your web host, and an FTP username and password provided by your web host. WinSCP is a good free FTP program for Windows, and many more are freely available on the web.

Also, if you’ve never dealt with ZIP files before, you may need to install 1 more program. WordPress is downloaded as a ZIP file, which needs to be extracted to create a “wordpress” folder. 7-Zip is a good free unzip program for Windows.

Now can I install WordPress?

Yep. Go to and download the latest version. Unzip the files. Open your FTP program and access your web host.
Upload the contents of the “wordpress” directory you extracted earlier to your web site, either at the main folder or in a new folder.

Go to your web host control panel, and create a new MySQL database. When it’s finished, you should see a screen containing database information. Make a note of the database name, user name, password, and the host name if given (not usually).

Open a new browser window or tab and enter your blog’s web address. WordPress will alert you that it needs to be installed, and will ask for your database information. Enter the information, click through the screens, and if everything went well, you can now install PhotoPressPro.

Install PhotoPressPro

Go to the Appearance » Themes page and click the Add New link at the top. Then click the Upload link under the title. Use the file chooser to upload the .zip file you downloaded, and WordPress will install it, and allow you to activate it.

And That’s It!

Go ahead, check out your site. If something looks awry, carefully look back through these tutorials and make sure you didn’t miss a step. If things still aren’t right, check out the support page for more options.

Now that your theme is installed, customize it and give it your unique image. Then be sure to let us know so we can feature your PhotoPressPro blog on our showcase and possibly our home page!